There are a lot of areas in the average modern home today that sees more use than any other: the kitchen, bathroom, living rooms and bedrooms. All of these rooms also require a lot of care and maintenance to keep the flooring in those rooms looking good, but what if there were flooring options available to you that would cut that maintenance time considerably, without costing a fortune, or sacrificing a stylish look? Luckily, there is such an option available today: luxury vinyl planks.

So Many Options
Not only are LVT materials just as affordable as other flooring on the market, they are also available in a variety of styles with better look and value than laminate floor systems. What’s more, they are not just for kitchens any longer either. You can find LVT today that simulates the look of hardwood floors, stone slabs, and even ceramic or marble tiles. The best part of it all, you get the classic look you want, for a lot less, and no one will be able to tell the difference, unless you tell them.

This kind of vinyl flooring is also very easy to install, either by yourself, or by professional installers from the outlet you purchase it from. You can order the planks cut to size, to fit any room you choose, and they can be installed in very little time. You do not even have to remove the old flooring. As long as the floor you are installing the plank flooring on is reasonably level and smooth, it should be no trouble laying the new on top of it. Once the adhesive used to secure it in place dries, you can then move any furniture or appliances onto it in minutes, without wasting the entire day.

Durable and Easy to Maintain
LVT plank flooring has gained in popularity in recent times, for two very important reasons beyond its price: durability and ease in maintenance. Today’s vinyl planks are so durable that it is almost impossible to scratch or scuff them, and even if you have something as heavy as a refrigerator or washing machine sitting on it forever, it will not buckle, warp or discolor over time.

Luxury vinyl planks are also highly stain and moisture resistant. Anything you spill or drop on this flooring can be easily wiped up, without leaving residue or stains behind. This resistance also helps with its maintenance. No waxes, finishing products or special cleaning products are needed with this stylish flooring. You only need to mop once in a while, and sweep or use a dust mop to keep it shiny and looking new.